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Book Review - The Garbage King

Elizabeth Laird

Reviewer - Adrienne Hack

Elizabeth Laird's new novel, delightfully illustrated by Yosef Kebede, tells the story of two young boys from different sides of the social spectrum in Addis Ababa who meet in unexpected circumstances. They end up living on the streets under the protection of a gang. This warm, sad, eye-opening and beautifully told story engages the reader, both adult and child. The true life quote from a real street child shows that this story is based in shameful truth and leaves a lasting impression.

The Garbage King by Elizabeth Laird is published by MacMillan Children's Books (April 4, 2003).
Hardcover 336 pages, Paperback 330 pages
ISBN: 1405019263 hardcover. Price £9.99
ISBN: 0330415026 paperback. Price £4.99

First Published in News File Summer 2003

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