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Exhibition - Church and Emperor: An Ethiopian Crucifixion

From Thursday 6th March 2008 to Monday 5th May 2008

The British Museum, London

To celebrate the first Easter of the Ethiopian Millennium, this display in Room 3 focuses on a recently conserved painting originating from Tigray in northern Ethiopia. The painting was made in the mid-19th century for the Church of The Saviour of the World at Adwa. It was donated to the Museum in 1893 by James Theodore Bent, but has never before been on public display. This unique painting tells multiple stories, with layered meanings, about Church and Empire in 19th-century Ethiopia.

During the course of this exhibition the British Museum is holding several other Ethiopia related events.

See more details about the exhibition on the British Museum website.

More details about other Ethiopia related events can be found by looking through the British Museum Events calendar.

First Published in News File Winter 2007

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