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Conference - Ethiopia and the Mediterranean World in Late Antiquity: The Garima Gospels in Context

From Saturday 2nd November 2013 to Sunday 3rd November 2013

Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, University of Oxford, OX1 3LU

The Ethiopian monastery of Abuna Garima preserves two ancient Gospel books that local Christians still venerate as sacred relics. Previously dated to the turn of the first millennium, they have recently been securely assigned to the late 5th to early 7th centuries by radiocarbon analysis. Papers will be presented by scholars from the UK and Europe, North America, and Ethiopia.

The aim of the conference, to which attendance is free, is, firstly, to make the Garima Gospels better known to scholars working on Late Antiquity and, secondly, to stimulate the study of the two manuscripts in a broad perspective.

For further details, and to find how to register to attend the conference, go to the Ethiopian Heritage Fund website.

First Published in News File Spring 2013

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