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Film - LIDF - Working with Water Part 1 - including Working with Water by Water Aid and Ecover on their work in Ethiopia

Wednesday 28th April 2010

The Horse Hospital, 30 Colonnade, London WC1N 1HX

6.30pm, Tickets £7.50.

Working With Water: Part 1

Including the following films:
Be Water, My Friend - Run Time : 14 mins
The Town Docks : 17 mins
Immersion - Run Time : 25 mins
Also showing (but not listed):
Working With Water - Run Time : 15 mins

Working with Water is a 15 minute documentary made by Ecover and WaterAid about their work in rural Ethiopia. During their initial visit to Ethiopia in 2008 WaterAid and Ecover documented the state in which many parts of the Hintalo-Wajarat region of Ethiopia found themselves as well as some of positive changes the funding of various projects can bring.

More information can be found on the London International Documentary Festival website.

Download the full London International Documentary Festival Programme.

A DVD of the Working With Water film can be obtained by requesting a Watercare Pack from

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