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Film Africa 2011 - Lezare (Screening with Pumzi, Garagouz, and Zebu and the Photo Fish)

Director Zelalem Woldemariam

Monday 7th November 2011

The Ritzy, Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, London SW2 1JG

6:30pm, Tickets £6.50, Concessions £5.00, Children £5.00, Ritzy Members £4.50.

Categories: Short

Lezare (‘For Today’) is an intricately and beautifully crafted film about a homeless boy living in a small village in southern Ethiopia. The multi-award winning film raises powerful, prescient questions about local and global priorities in the face of global warming, drought, and widespread poverty.

Dir. Zelalem Woldemariam, starring Yemeserach Gembero, Binyam Teshome, and Mesfin Alemu
Ethiopia, 2009, 14 mins
Print Source: filmmaker

Screening with the non-Ethiopian films Pumzi, Garagouz, and Zebu and the Photo Fish.

More information can be found on the Film Africa 2011 website.

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