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Lecture - Archaeological Fieldwork and Geophysical Prospection at Addi Akaweh (Tigray / Ethiopia)

Dr Pawel Wolf

Saturday 14th July 2012

The MBI Al Jaber Foundation Public Lecture, part of the 46th Seminar for Arabian Studies Conference (SAS), will be given at the British Museum on Saturday 14 July 2012 by Dr Pawel Wolf of the German Archaeological Institute, Berlin.

The lecture will discuss the outstanding new discovery of an Ancient South Arabian temple in the highlands of Ethiopia. The lecture is in the Museum's BP Lecture Theatre and starts at 6.00pm.

A description (in German), and photographs, of Addi Awakeh can be found on the German Archaeological Institute website.

This is a free event but please book through the Ticket Desk as attendance is expected to be high. Tickets can be booked via the British Museum website.

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