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Music - Krar Collective

Thursday 20th September 2012

Main Space, Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

7:30pm, Tickets £10.00 in advance, + £1 booking fee from Rich Mix or £13.00 on the door.

Krar Collective perform a rootsy yet contemporary take on traditional music from Ethiopia based on other-worldy modes and driven by hypnotic rhythms. Led by krar virtuoso Temesgen Zeleke, a former star pupil of veteran Ethiopian legend Mulatu Astatke, fronted by the stunning, soaring voice of Genet Assefa and accompanied by innovative drummer Robel Taye, Krar Collective create a surprisingly big sound, leading one critic to name them 'The Ethiopian White Stripes'.

Drawing on the rhythms and traditions of their homeland's many ethnic groups, Krar Collective seamlessly interweave their roots with a contemporary attitude. The ancient 6-stringed krar lyre dates far back into Ethiopian history. An important part of the Ethiopian azmari minstrel tradition, the krar is steeped in the practice of wandering troubadours performing in bet cafes around the country, while legend has it that the instrument itself descends from King Davidís lyre. Zeleke gives these traditions a contemporary twist and, in his hands, plugged in and strummed with hypnotic grooves, the krar becomes a gritty, ancient rock guitar.

The spellbinding rhythms of Taye's double-headed kebero drum provide the trioís backbeat. Traditionally used to accompany the ancient religious celebrations of the Ethiopian Orthodox church, the kebero finds a new context in the energetic grooves of Krar Collective's performances; while the powerful, hazy vocals of songstress Genet Assefa weave their way through a varied repertoire of gentle ballads and high-energy dance tunes.

Krar Collective's Making Tracks tour will coincide with both the September 2012 release of their debut album on World Music Network and the colourful Ethiopian New Year Enkutatash celebrations on 11 September. Soulful, seductive, vibrant and always engaging, Krar Collective are set to surprise and delight.

More information about the Krar Collective can be found on the Krar Collective myspace website.

The event has been organized by Making Tracks.

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