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Film Screening - 'Heaven and Earth': Church Education and Monastic Culture in Ethiopia

Mackonen Michael

Tuesday 28th January 2014

7:00pm, Khalili Lecture Theatre, Main Building, SOAS, Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG - Public film screening (all welcome)

Tickets - £7 (£5 students). The event is expected to finish at 9:00pm.

Organised by The Centre of African Studies (SOAS). To register, contact

'Heaven & Earth' is a documentary film that tells the story of an ancient civilization, covering a millennium of Ethiopian monastic culture and ecclesiastical education.

Presenting the development of indigenous Christianity in an African setting, the film provides a corrective to still prevalent stereotypes of Africa as a dark continent in need of enlightenment by outside forces.

Produced by Mack Film Production in collaboration with, Ministry of Culture of Ethiopia, UNESCO, Ethiopian Air Lines and SOAS, University of London.

Mackonen Michael is award-winning journalist who has worked for the BBC World Service and has produced several documentary films and radio programmes about culture in Africa. Michael also won a prestigious BAFTA award for his radio documentary ‘Bridging the Gap’ about the lives of immigrants in the UK.

Followed by Q&A with the director Mackonen Michael, chaired by Dr Tania Tribe, SOAS

For more details see the SOAS website.

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