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Lecture - Lennoxlove Book Festival - The Lure of the Honey Bird

Elizabeth Laird

Sunday 3rd November 2013

3:15 pm in the Great Hall - Lennoxlove Book Festival, Haddington House, 28 Sidegate, Haddington, EH41 4BU

Elizabeth Laird will be talking about her new book, The Lure of the Honeybird at this year's Lennoxlove Book Festival.

Open to the public, all welcome, entrance fee £9:00 for the talk.

In 1967 Elizabeth travelled to Ethiopia where she met Emperor Haile Selassie, was arrested for a murder she didn't commit, went to the fabled city of Lalibela and hitched a ride across the desert. Since then Elizabeth has become a hugely successful writer for children and young adults. But she hankered after Ethiopia and returned in the 1990s to collect folk tales. Interspersed with these remarkable stories is an account of a wonderful journey, and The Lure of the Honeybird is - as ever - beautifully written.

Chaired by Eleanor Updale.

As Elizabeth says on her website, "If you get bored listening to me telling Ethiopian stories, you certainly won't get bored with looking round Lennoxlove itself, a magnificent ancient house in the Borders near Haddington."

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