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Film Africa 2014 - Asni + Natsanat

Director Rachel Samuel

Saturday 8th November 2014

Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE

4:30pm, Tickets £7.60 + booking fee, Concessions available. Tickets can be purchased from the Hackney Picturehouse website.

Asni: the Life of Asnaketch Worku - Courage, Passion & Glamor in Ethiopia
Categories: Documentary

A documentary film on an extraordinary artist called Asnaketch Worku who is as much a cultural icon to Ethiopians as Billie Holiday is to Americans and Edith Piaf to the French. Asnaketch lived her life on the edge of her artistry, over the edge of her passions. She brought high standards to theater and excitement to music in conservative Ethiopia in the 1950's-60's. Her gift and transparent nature made her infectious to audiences not only in Ethiopia but also around the world.

Director Rachel Samuel
Ethiopia/US, 2013, 80 mins
Print Source: filmmaker

+ Natsanat (Freedom)
Categories: Documentary

'Natsanat' (freedom) documents the the heroic stories of young female freedom fighters in Ethiopia during the 20th century. These women left their families and homes to join the struggle to bring freedom, peace and democracy to their country. They serve as role models for leadership and courage for women.

Directors Cheryl Halpern and Mitchell Stuart
Ethiopia, 2012, 26 mins
Print Source: filmmaker

More information can be found on the Film Africa 2014 website.

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