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Lecture - The urban young & revolution in Ethiopia

Semeneh Ayelew (Makerere)

Tuesday 21st October 2014

5.00 pm in the Seminar Room, at the African Studies Centre, 13 Bevington Road, OX2 6LH - The seminars are free and no prior registration is required.

This lecture is part of the Horn of Africa Seminar Series at the University of Oxford which brings together students and scholars interested in examining the region from a multidisciplinary and comparative perspective. For this series the seminar will look at a variety of issues, from the prospects for the National Dialogue in Sudan to the histories of conflict in southern Somalia and counter-insurgency in northern Kenya. By hosting lectures by experienced researchers alongside post-graduates, and by mixing academic and policy research, we hope to come to a shared, factually informed and politically relevant understanding of trends in the region.

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