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Film - Lamb

Director Yared Zeleke

Sunday 15th November 2015

Watershed, 1 Canons Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5TX

18:30pm, Tickets £9.00/6.50. Tickets can be purchased from the Watershed website.

Lamb is showing as part of the Afrika Eye Film Festival

Ephraim is a young Ethiopian boy, the son of a farmer. His father leaves him and his sheep, from which he is inseparable, to be looked after by distant relatives, far from his drought-ridden homeland. Ephraim isn't very good at farming, but he has a hidden talent: he is an excellent cook. One day, his uncle tells him that they have to sacrifice his sheep for the next religious feast. Ephraim is ready to do anything to save his only friend and return home with him by his side. Handsomely shot in Ethiopia's beautiful, mountainous countryside, this multi-layered first feature from Yared Zeleke adds depth to its characters and places depictions of everyday Ethiopian life centre stage.

Lamb was screened at the 2015 Cannes film festival; the first Ethiopian film ever to have made it into the festival's official selection.

Director: Yared Zeleke.
Country: Ethiopia/France/Germany/Norway.
Year: 2015.
Running time: 94 mins.
Language: Amharic with English subtitles.

More information about the festival can be found on the Afrika Eye website.

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