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Music - The Nile Project

Sunday 19th June 2016

The Nile Project concert starts at 7:30pm at Islington Assembly Hall, Upper St, London, N1 2UD.

Tickets £22.50 plus booking fee from the Barbican Box Office.

The Nile Project brings together musicians from east and north Africa to celebrate the richly diverse cultures that have flourished for centuries along the Nile River.

Resonant lyres and seductive strings from up and down the river—from its sources beyond Lakes Victoria and Tana to its delta in Egypt—have learned new musical modes, while buzzing timbres and ingenious polyrhythms support vocals in more than ten languages.

Using music to spark conversation, the Nile Project carries powerful messages about a delicate ecological and political ecosystem. Bringing together cultures and communities all affected by the impact of climate change and modern life on the river, the project is a tangible example of overcoming obstacles and division through artistic collaboration.

This performance features Nile Project Collective musicians from Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Tanzania.

More information about the concert can be found on the Barbican website.

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