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OBU Documentary Club Screening of 'Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas'

Thursday 22nd February 2018

Oxford Brookes University Documentary Club, John Henry Brookes Lecture Theatre, Oxford Brookes University, Headington Road, Oxford OX3 0BP

7:00 to 9:00pm, Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas.

Farmland - the new green gold. Hoping for export revenues, Ethiopia's government leases millions of hectares of farmland to foreign investors. But the dream of prosperity has a dark side where the World Bank plays a very questionable role...

Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas investigates land grabbing and its impact on people's lives. Pursuing the truth, we meet investors, development bureaucrats, persecuted journalists, struggling environmentalists and evicted farmers deprived of their land...

Director: Joakim Demmer
Country: Finland / Germany / Sweden / Ethiopia / Sudan / USA
Year: 2017
Runtime: 80min
Language: English

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