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Book Event - Boy 87 - Author Talk in Waterstones Nottingham

Ele Fountain

Saturday 16th June 2018

Waterstones, 1-5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham NG1 2GR

4:00pm, in the Sillitoe Room - novelist Ele Fountain discusses her début children's book, Boy 87.

Boy 87 transports us into the world of one child refugee, fourteen-year-old Shif - bringing to life and giving humanity to the thousands of children forced to flee their homes every day. Seen through his eyes, Boy 87 is Shif's moving and challenging adventure in search of a better life. Shif has a happy family life, enjoys playing chess with his best friend Bini and both have bright futures at school. Then their world implodes and a terrifying and unforgettable new life begins. To escape the enforced army conscription, their mothers quickly plan how their children will travel alone across the desert to the Mediterranean and onwards to England to a new life with relatives, leaving behind all they know. But a "giffa" troop arrests them, wrenching them from their families and takes them to a remote desert prison. So begins the boys' unforgettable and dangerous journey.

Ele Fountain worked as an Editor in children's publishing, where she was responsible for launching and nurturing the careers of many prize-winning and best-selling authors including Angie Sage, Philip Reeve and Sarah Crossan. She lived in Addis Ababa for several years, where she was inspired to write Boy 87, her debut novel. Ele now lives in what she describes as a 'not quite falling down house' in Hampshire with her husband and two young daughters.

This event is free to enter but please register your place via Eventbrite. All ages are welcome but young children should be accompanied by an adult.

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