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Symposium - Engaging chicken-based research in education, industry & human lives

Causing a Flap

Tuesday 28th August 2018

11:00 – 18:30, Woburn Suite, Senate House, University of London, Malet St, Bloomsbury, London WC1E 7HU
Free event

11am: Welcome and tea/coffee

11.30: Poultry production in the UK: Past, Present and Future
Our team of researchers will present results from over 4 years of work into chicken health and productivity through time. The culmination of several research projects, this includes information on genomics, feeding regimes, egg and meat yield, and the potential of chicken production in developing countries. With a guest talk from Prof. Nicola Williams concerning drivers of Antimicrobial Resistance in the poultry production chain this session offers deep-time perspective on this important bird.

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Education through a common theme: chickens
Open Educational Resources (OERs) are increasingly important business for businesses. These public domain teaching, learning and research resources have the ability to shape the way the business and research sectors communicate with the public, and the way customers see and understand our work. The team will present how our new understanding of ‘Poultry Production: past, present and future’ is disseminated through teaching resources, how this has been led by educator insight, and how this will make a difference to the education sectors in the UK and Ethiopia.

4pm: Tea/Coffee and chicken chat
During this session outreach and engagement materials developed for multiple audiences will be displayed and discussed, including art and objects of Ethiopian culture. This session will also offer the opportunity to discuss creation of additional education OERs with an industry focus.

5.30pm: Wine reception

5.45pm: Film screening "Transforming Lives"

Hosted by AHRC Funded Causing a Flap project; follow on to the AHRC funded “Cultural and Scientific perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions” and the AHRC/GCRF-funded “Going Places: Empowering Women, Enhancing Heritage and Increasing Chicken production in Ethiopia” projects.

The event is free but registration should be made via Eventbrite.

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