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Lecture - To Eritrea and Ethiopia with John Pilkington: Retracing a Victorian expedition

John Pilkington

Friday 21st September 2018

Winchester Discovery Centre, Jewry St, Winchester SO23 8SB

19:30pm, Tickets £12
(a fundraising event for Oxfam and WaterAid).

In 1868 Queen Victoria's government mounted an extraordinary bid to rescue a clutch of European hostages in the Ethiopian highlands. A purpose-built port and railway on the Red Sea, and in the mountains 13,000 British and Indian soldiers, 26,000 camp followers, and more than 40,000 animals including 44 elephants. You couldn’t make it up.

John has been following their route, partly on foot with a donkey, and has been comparing Eritrea and Ethiopia then and now. He found today's people spirited and charming, living in dramatic and extremely challenging lands.

History and adventure combined!

Tickets can be purchased via the Hantsweb Shop

This is the first in a season of To Eritrea and Ethiopia: Retracing a Victorian Expedition talks being given by John Pilkington. The talk is being given all over the UK, and beyond.

For a full schedule of the talks planned, please visit the John Pilkington website.

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