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Ethiopians for Ethiopians UK

Sunday 7th April 2019

14:00 at the Embassy of Ethiopia, 17 Princes Gate, London, SW7 1PZ
Light refreshments will be available

Ethiopians for Ethiopians UK (E4E UK), is a charitable organisation that was formed recently by a group of concerned professional individuals who identified additional need for an organised support system within the Ethiopian community to meet the needs of vulnerable individuals - young and old.

Their mission is to increase the participation of Ethiopian professionals in the wellbeing of the community through networking and by other varied means, to enable higher standards in the provision of services, education and certification, as well as to strengthen the cohesion and integration of the community within itself and the wider society.

This meeting, their first event, will focus on different aspects of mental health and also introduce and promote their network and what they aspire to do.


  • Presentation on Mental Health by Ethiopian psychologists and neuroscience professionals.
  • General health advice by Ethiopian Medical Professionals.
  • Q&A and public discussion.
  • All members of the Ethiopian community, and other interested individuals, are encouraged to attend.

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