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Exhibition - The Fall: A Woman's Descent into the Unconscious

Daniela Yohannes

From Friday 28th June 2019 to Saturday 20th July 2019

Opening on Thursday 27 June from 18:00 - 21:00, and on view from 28 June - 20 July 2019, Tues - Sun 12:00 - 18:00 at the Addis Fine Art Project Space in London, TAFETA, 47-50 Margaret Street, London, W1W 8SB. Entrance Free.

Addis Fine Art is pleased to present, The Fall: A Woman's Descent into the Unconscious, Daniela Yohannes' first solo exhibition with the gallery. The show will take place at the Addis Fine Art Project Space in London, .

Daniela Yohannes' rich and layered works are full of complex narratives and symbolism. They transport the viewer to an alternative universe where life and human nature are in a constant dialogue in search of a better world. The dark, unclothed figures, stripped of their social context, are juxtaposed against the black and richly coloured backgrounds hinting at the possibilities of an alternative universe. The artist invites the viewer to question not only the identity and social context of the painted figures, but also their own identity and position in society, re-imagine the predetermined terms of their existence.

Daniella Yohannes, born in 1982 to Ethiopian and Eritrean parents, was raised in London and currently lives in the Caribbean. Her journey as an artist has been unconventional, trained as an illustrator her path meandered through disciplines before leading her to her current place of focus and purpose. Since moving to the Caribbean two years ago, her surroundings have found their way into her creations as much spiritually as aesthetically. She describes her inspiration as that of the invisible; the forces and concepts that drive and surround us: unseen but constantly at work on our bodies and minds. Her paintings are witness to the expression of nature; explorations of the intimate experiences that are shared only with the elements: earth, air, water, magic. She confronts themes of consciousness and ancestry, the ethereal nature of the cosmos and plurality of the individual.

The Exhibition is free to view, but it is recommended that you book a ticket via Eventbrite too ensure that the exhibition is open when you visit:

Eventbrite Tickets - Tickets for the art exhibition The Fall: A Woman’s Descent into the Unconscious by Daniela Yohannes

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