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Auction of 1860 Painting by Johann Martin Bernatz of A Highland Lake, Ethiopia

From Friday 8th December 2006 to Wednesday 13th December 2006

14:00, Bonhams, New Bond Street

One of the lots featured in the Bonhams Exploration, Travel and Topographical Pictures auction sale on 13 Dec 2006 is an oil painting from 1860 of 'A Highland Lake, Ethiopia' by Johann Martin Bernatz.
Bernatz is famous for his book 'Scenes in Ethiopia. Designed from Nature by Johann Martin Bernatz, Artist to the British Mission to the Court of Shoa (London, 1852), the most important 19th-century colour-plate book on Ethiopia. He was the official artist in the scientific expedition to establish relations with Sahela Selassie, King of Shoa in 1841-43. The expedition was financed by the British-Indian government and led by Captain William Cornwallis Harris. The beautiful illustrations which Bernatz created for this magnificent work were the basis for his fame and from that time on he was considered the authority on landscape painting.
The expedition itself is described in the earlier three volume work 'The Highlands of Ethiopia (London, 1844) by Major William Cornwallis Harris.

On View:
8 Dec 2006 09:00-16:30 New Bond Street
10 Dec 2006 11:00-15:00 New Bond Street
11 Dec 2006 09:00-16:30 New Bond Street
12 Dec 2006 09:00-16:30 New Bond Street
13 Dec 2006 09:00-11:00 New Bond Street

Sale Starts:
13 Dec 2006 14:00 New Bond Street

The painting, lot 538, is described and illustrated in the online catalogue


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