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Film and Discussion - Black Gold

Monday 22nd October 2007

Black Gold: Documentary film screening and DVD Launch - Royal African Society Meeting at SOAS, London

Followed by a panel discussion: “What does Fair Trade really mean?”

The film “Black Gold” was premiered at the Sundance Festival in 2006, and first shown at the London Film Festival in October 2006. The worldwide coffee industry worth is over $80 billion, making coffee the most valuable trading commodity in the world after oil. As the world market price fluctuates due to commodity dealing, coffee farmers change to other crops to be able to survive. The film is set around Tadesse Meskela, who travels the world in an attempt to find buyers willing to pay more than the world market rate for the premium-grade coffee from his farmers in the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Ethiopia. The film uses Meskela and the Cooperative to tell a larger story about poor countries that struggle to benefit from global trade. It was first released to cinemas in the UK in June 2007.

Further information on the film, including other Screening Venues and Dates, at Black Gold movie site

The film and discussion are in the Khalili Lecture Theatre in the Main Building at SOAS, London

More information at RAS Events page

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